California Walnut Board Announces 2008 Crop Size

The California Walnut Board has announced that the 2008 California walnut crop hit a record 454,301 tons–by far the largest crop California has ever produced. This number is 21% higher than the 375,000 ton estimate issued by the California Agricultural Statistics Service last September and is 28% higher than the previous largest crop California had ever produced of 354,218 tons in 2005. The 2008 crop also exceeds last year's crop by 34%.

Walnuts Key In Reducing Metabolic Syndrome

In a major study published December 8, 2008 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, results of the PREDIMED study were released. This very large study showed that participants who consumed a so-called "Mediterranean diet" supplemented with nuts (50% walnuts, 25% hazelnuts, and 25% almonds) achieved superior results in reducing Metabolic Syndrome, which is defined as having three or more of the following conditions: abdominal obesity, high triglycerides, low levels of good cholesterol (HDL), high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Walnuts Slow Growth of Breast Cancer Tumors

In a new study published on 25 September 2008 in the Journal Nutrition and Cancer, researchers at Marshall University have discovered that snack-sized quantities of walnuts slow cancer growth in mice. W. Elaine Hardman, PhD. said "When we fed the mice walnuts, the growth rate of the tumors they had was dramatically suppressed".

GoldRiver Orchards Expecting Increased Tonnage on 2008 Crop

Oakdale, CA – GoldRiver Orchards, a walnut processor based here, expects significant growth in 2008, thanks to a variety of factors. A major factor is an expected large walnut crop from the Barton Ranch in 2008 after a smaller crop in 2007. "The crop on the trees is impressive," explained Don Barton, GoldRiver's managing partner and CEO.

CASS Releases Objective Walnut Crop Estimate

The California Agricultural Statistics Service (CASS) today released its Objective Estimate on the 2008 California walnut crop. The estimate is 375,000 tons. This compares very closely with the subjective estimate established in late July by the Independent Handlers Coalition of 372,000 tons.

If the estimates are correct, the 2008 crop will break the old record of 354,000 tons set in 2005.