Hawaiian Watermelon Salad

From our friend, Wiebke Wohlers in Germany writes…

Hawaiin Watermelon Salad“I thought maybe this would be a good fit for your Summer Recipes. I just had this fantastic salad last week at a friend’s house. It’s called Hawaiian Watermelon Salat.

You have to try this – Bon Appetit!”

1 seedless watermelon
300 gr (about 11 ounces) feta cheese
3 tablespoons black olives
1 package Rocket salat
3 tablespoons Goldriver Orchards Walnut kernels (large or medium light pieces)
4 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons olive oil

Cut melon in quarters, take out melon with spoon, and dice. Put melon dices
in a bowl and mix with Rocket salat. Add GoldRiver Orchards Walnut kernels and feta cheese
(also cut in little squares).  Add olives, honey and olive oil, mix well and
fill in the watermelon quarters.